The Nature of Glass

IMAGINE you wake up one morning and every person you know forgets you exist. They don’t see you. They don’t talk to you. They don’t listen to you. Touch them and they hardly react. Your parents, your teachers, your friends, nobody is immune. People destroy evidence in any form that might hint at your existence. Computers go crazy when you try to create an email, chat online, or play video games with others, and erase any documents you try to save. Leave your notes and journals unattended for even a moment and people will shred and burn them. And even though you don’t know it, this is all happening to protect you.

This is what it means to have the nature of glass, and that nature is the only thing keeping Vail Overdash alive.

Vail is invisible at the quantum level. Those that would do Vail harm, or draw harm to her, will forget she ever existed. Fortunately for Vail there are those who would never do her harm, those who could never bring harm to her, and those who will do everything they can to save her.

Vail will set out on a journey to learn more about what makes her special, taking her across three universes for a final confrontation with enemies she never knew she had.

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